The plumbing services we offer to our customers throughout the Oklahoma City area are comprehensive. We handle plumbing repairs and installation 24/7. Our plumbers offer sewer & drain services, drain cleaning, water heater replacement and repair, leak detection, repiping, video pipe inspection service, water treatment, commercial plumbing and more.

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Plumbers OKC

Looking for an Oklahoma City Plumber? Then you are in the right place; OKC Plumbing is the only company you will ever need, whatever your plumbing problem may be.

From a leaking tap to a full renovation you can rest assured we have the skills and Experience to exceed your expectations. OKC Plumbing is run by licensed professional plumbers with decades of combined plumbing experience and training. We also take on Contract work and each of the plumbers we work with have been handpicked for their expertise & customer service. 90% of our work is through word of mouth and repeat business due to the quality and speed of service we provide.

Our plumbers focused on first class customer service together with a high degree of expertise. Being the preferred choice of many landlords, established building contractors and homeowners alike you can be sure that any work carried out is to the highest of standards with the minimum of delays. Reliable service with competitive rates gives us a great reputation as plumbers in OKC, licensed professionals you can depend upon. As Certified installers of LPG appliances we cover the full scope of services. Whatever the project, large or small scale, the level of service remains the same. Our reputation depends on it! Call us with complete confidence.

Services in brief:

  • Boiler Services - Including Servicing, Repairs, Replacements and Full Design and Installation of Complete Heating Systems
  • Gas Appliance Services - Including Servicing, Repairs and Replacements
  • LPG - We are fully qualified to work on All LPG appliances as well as Natural Gas
  • Integrated Kitchen Appliances - Installations
  • Plumbing - All hot or cold water plumbing including Drainage, Guttering and Sewerage.
  • Bathrooms - From a single item to a Full luxury
  • Bathroom Designed and Completed Including ALL finishing work.
  • Wet Rooms - We can create magnificent wet rooms from almost any space.
  • Disabled Adaptations - We can convert any Bathroom to suit your individual requirements.

Back-Flow prevention Service

With commercial or residential irrigation systems, a backflow preventer(using principle of reduced pressure) is used between the irrigation system & the water supply. Not only is this device required under current law, but in many states, the device also must be tested annually by a professional who has been certified in Backflow Prevention. The purpose of this annual test is to make sure the preventer is working correctly.

Call us before it becomes a health emergency associated with medical bills and legal fines.

Backwater Valves

The function of this valve is to prevent the sewer from backing up into the building during heavy rains. Most backwater valves operate automatically. A valve with a butterfly action closes against the sewer on the building side. Sometimes however, debris lodges against the seat of the valve so that it cannot close tightly.

Our Oklahoma City Plumbers can service these valves on a routine schedule to help ensure that sewage does not escape into your building. If you see or smell sewage in your building, it is an emergency.

Call right away. We provide 24/7 emergency repairs.

Water Pressure Correction

Whether your water pressure is fluctuating out of control, or just losing pressure; the problem can involve the pressure regulator and / or debris; or mineral build up in the lines and fixtures. These conditions may also effect water regulation at the shower, tub, or toilet.

In a residential setting this can be very dangerous for the very young and the elderly if the hot water side overwhelms the cold. Most people aren't aware that young children and the elderly can be scalded much sooner. Call us before it becomes an emergency with costs of suffering, and medical bills.

Fire Sprinklers

If you have a fire alarm or fire sprinkler emergency we can help you - right now! We have very qualified fire sprinkler technicians on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Home and Commercial Dishwasher Water Supply & Drain

Call our professionals to replace and repair dishwashers and get great tips on maintaining properly functioning equipment.

Our skilled professionals can also assist you in unclogging drains and retrieving any items that may be trapped. Call right away to get 24/7, including holidays, response by the professionals.

Garbage Disposal

Call our professionals to replace and repair garbage disposals and get great tips on maintaining properly functioning equipment. Our skilled professionals can also assist you in unclogging drains and retrieving any jewelry that may be trapped. Call right away to get 24/7, including holidays, response by the professionals.

Faucets & Valves

No job is too big or small. Our licensed professionals are equipped to install or repair any faucet or valve brand. Leaking faucets and stuck valves can waste your financial resources. Call right away. We provide 24/7 emergency repairs.

Water Filtration Systems

System leaks, increase in total suspended solids, or odors in your water filtration system are indicators of system failure. Plant production processes can be upset. Home safety and health can be affected. Call today for rapid response.

Water Purification

Did the "change filter" light come on? Do you have a leak in the system? Is your purifier unusually noisy when it is operating? Does your water taste funny? Is your water discolored? Is there a problem with the water flow? We can repair your water purification system so your family or business can enjoy fresh clean water. Call right away to get 24/7 response by the professionals.

Pools Leaks

If you are concerned about excessive water loss from your pool we have swimming pool leak detection services. With our technology, we kind find and fix all kinds of concealed leaks. Call right away. We provide 24/7 emergency repairs.

Unclog / Clean Drains and Much More

Clogged sinks, pipes, drains, bathtubs, showers and many other stoppages can make life miserable. When it comes to commercial, residential and corporate projects, we don't just unclog your backed up drains; we can clean up spills, vacuum waste pits, prevent backups or clean out grease traps, we do a lot more. Call today, we are on the way!

Broken Water heaters

Fixing a water heater will depend greatly on what is wrong with it. Most hot water heaters will need to be looked at by a professional because of the danger of unauthorized persons adjusting the gas valves; or exposing electrical circuits; or pressure releases. Our certified technicians will fix your hot water problem correctly the first time. Call before it becomes an emergency; but if you have an emergency water heater problem call us right way. We respond 24/7.

Hot water circulating pump repairs

Circulating pumps are used primarily for circulating water, fuel and other fluids for a variety of industries. We provide complete circulating pump repair service on all make and models. No matter the model, manufacturer or age of your circulating pump, we can have you back up and running quickly and reliably. Best of all, our workmanship is 100% guaranteed according to industry standards. We provide 24/7 emergency repairs.

Thaw frozen pipes

Water pipes freezing in the winter are dangerous and expensive. The best solution is prevention. The next best solution for frozen pipes is to call us before the pipes burst or your facility looses production capability. We can help you prevent frozen pipes today. We can solve and repair frozen pipes 24/7. Give us a call.

Basement, Bathroom, Laundry room Flooding

Our plumbers will arrive rapidly for emergency flooding of any type. We provide 24/7 emergency repairs. Recover quickly by calling right away.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps typically have a life span up to seven years, but they may fail unexpectedly for various reasons. The leading cause of sump pump problems are a float and switch issue or mechanical failure of the pump. Call right away to get 24/7 response by the professionals.

Re-Piping your home, commercial or industrial buildings

Do you have a polybutelane or galvanized water service? Allow the experts in water line replacements to replace your water service before its too late and you end up leaks and flooded spaces. Call us for FREE estimate.

Underground Sewer Camera inspection

We can pump out your septic tank and properly dispose of at an approved waste disposal site.

We also provide a range of services to repair or replace your existing septic system. Contact our office and speak to one of our professional representative about your concerns.

We provide a full line of septic tank onsite wastewater services:
  • Install new septic tanks wastewater systems
  • Perform inspections for your real estate closings
  • Perform regular maintenance and pumping for optimum performance
  • Install Risers
  • Replace Lids
  • Replace Tees
  • Service, repair, and replace pumps
  • Repair and replace pipes
  • Repair and replace septic tanks

Sewer Line Replacement

Are you continually having problems with your sewer line? Most of the time, roots are the problem. We can use advanced camera technology to locate and get rid of the problem. If sewer lines need replaced we offer trenchless technology to save your landscape and save you money and time. Call us to see if your situation can use the trenchless technology. "When was the last time your septic system was serviced??"

Gas & Water Piping Leak Detection

For new construction or repairs, we have professionals to find the leaks. Whether using pressurization methods or ultrasonic detectors, you can be assured of 100% satisfaction.

Out Of State Referrals

If you're outside of OKC, there are plenty of plumbers we have worked with over the years who are California State licensed, with impeccable work ethic and employ only licensed, experienced plumbers. Plumber Anaheim specialists, have the highest "Yelp" rating in all of Orange County Ca.