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What to do about low water pressure

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It is every home owner’s nightmare, to have taps delivering low volumes of water. This could be complicated by the presence of guests or the need to wait for long periods of time while one is in a rush. This is a common occurrence in most homes here in Oklahoma City. We have all witnessed or experienced this once in a while. Most of us can attribute most of their earnings and repair works to this situation. While mostly the huge part of the blame is normally placed on water and sewerage firms, you might want to reconsider the blame game.

Our plumbing is a huge network of pipes

One unavoidable truth is, for water to be delivered, they pass through a series of interconnected pipes. These channels are punctuated with valves and junctions. These pipes are either laid underground or may be visible depending on the architectural design. 80% of causes of low water flow are normally attributed to complications related to this elaborate network. Ultimately,the need to have an efficient piping system is a priority for home owners. Homes that frequently do diagnostics and maintenance of their water system indicate a remarkable 20% chance of lower flow. This is mostly attributed to our local Oklahoma City water companies (see video at bottom). A further 7% chance is attributed to other piping complications that may arise.

Debris clogging up our drains

One of the immediate causes of low water flow is debris. Perhaps, if one is conversant with heavy down pours, scenes of big logs and branches that clog drainages and water channels cause blockages. This can be replicated in water pipes. Especially during heavy downpour, fragments of trees often find themselves in drainage systems. They normally form physical barriers to the smooth flow of water. This blockage causes a build-up of water depriving the subsequent pipe regions from having water. This is normally experienced in kitchen sinks when there is a blockage. Often, removal of the kitchen wastes normally results to rapid water flow. However, when the aerator has been freed water flow is expected to return to normalcy. Further complications can be attributed to other areas of the piping system.

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Low water flow can also be attributed to the water company. While most of the time low water flow is attributed to the company, it is true that at times failure in their pumping systems can result to low water volumes. Some of the causes, could be heavy siltation especially after a heavy down pour that clogs the feeder, water channels to individual homes may be affected. The need to pump water to large population may fall victim to incidences like sabotage, generator or pump failures.

Will larger pipes work?

The size of piping affects the flow of water. Most home owners, however due to the emphasis on cost cutting, usually prefer small pipes. The size in this case is attributed to the diameter. While large sized pipes would still be able to deliver a respectable flow of water, their small diameter counterparts would deliver even lesser. Sizing tables from Unified Plumbing Codes, give the available pipe sizes. Areas mostly affected by low volume flow of water equally have recommended pipe sizes. It is important to note however, that pressure boost systems have been developed to improve the velocity and quantity of water delivered in cases of low volume. This has the added advantage of reducing the time one would have to wait to obtain water. Given the multipurpose nature of cold water, it is normally recommended to have large cold water pipes. However; the reverse is true when it comes to hot water supply. When one doesn’t have a re-heating water system large pipes can be of a disadvantage. Partly because, there is loss of heat, and equally, the amount of time it takes for the water to be heated before it flows could take ages. Don’t forget to check with your local Oklahoma City Plumber when dealing with these issues.

Be careful where you dig!

Depending on the type of piping system, subterranean drainages usually fall prey to rotting, unintentional tampering and blockages. It is not uncommon for a pipe to be severed by some digging in the backyard. While some of the causes of low pressure could be intrinsic (inside the pipe), others are caused by mechanical interruptions. In such instances, water logging at the point of interruption usually manifests itself. This is probably; the easiest of all causes of your water troubles to fix. This is due to the fact that, by restoring the piping (at least to its original state) results to normal water flow. However, not all leakages can be detected with the eye. To be sure there is a leak: it is advisable to have a look at the meter readings. When the water valve is shut, normally no water flows into the house piping system. With this in mind, meter readings are expected not to change. However, in cases of leakages, even when the valve is shut, the meter still makes readings. The readings are normally taken after a one hour window. If you have had elaborate decorative plumbing installed, make sure they have been installed properly.

The natural buildup of minerals

We are all familiar with mineralization. With time, mineral deposits clog the piping system, usually forming thick layers within the pipe. When water flows, the usual internal surface area it occupies during the flowing process is greatly reduced. This in turn reduces the volumes delivered. While this is one unavoidable circumstance, replacement of water pipes occasionally by licensed expert is highly recommended. This is a small premium to pay considering the hardship one would face with clogged drains.

Leave the work to the experts!

Water channelled into your Oklahoma City home normally comes at a high pressure and volume. The fear of pipes being busted by this makes it a necessity for every house to have pressure regulators. They serve to control, the volume and velocity of incoming external water. Due to the nature of the work these regulators do, they are often subject to wear and tear. Frequent checks by Plumbers OKC would avert this destruction, however, owing to its proximity, home owners are known to take matters in their own hands, an act that a times amounts to destroying the device. This usually presents a bigger problem to the house owner since.Lastly, leaving plumbing issues to the experts normally is the best solution to all household piping systems after all that is their specialty.

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